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Records management includes identifying, classifying, prioritizing, storing, securing, archiving, preserving, retrieving, tracking and destroying of records. There are many departments in which records management can be relevant. Audit, risk management, legal, IT, and compliance or some of the departments most connected to the core concerns of records management. 

Let us store your boxes and files in our secure production facilities before and after your scanning project. All of our production facilities are climate controlled, restricted access locations that offer short or long term box storage. With our Scan On Demand service, call or email us when you need a file. We will locate the file, scan it, and email you a copy. We will scan as many files as you need at one time, then either re-file them or shred them according to your instruction. 

We are also able to shred your documents after short term storage or after the storage retention period is complete.


What Records we can Store & Manage for You

Social Media

Keeping social media records is an important key to become less liable for any social media you post. 


Keeping track of where your paper is location, the formats your documents are in, and how they are accessed and managed is essential to being able to run a business.

Paper Products

Effectively storing and classifying this information is important to successfully integrate your records management with your other business priorities


Go Digital

Stop rooting through files, copying and recopying, and vastly improve your bottom line. Contact Royal Imaging to learn more today! 

Comprehensive Policy

A comprehensive solution will prevent future problems, reduce inefficencies, and provide upgradability so you don't have to go back to the drawing board.

End Wasted Time

Save yourself time from file searching by finding the perfect document management software, and never lose your files again! 

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Royal Imaging offers the full spectrum of electronic document management services and software. Let us help you get started today by offering you a free quote on document scanning services scaled to your needs!


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Let us securely store or shred your original file boxes at one of our certified facilities after we scan them. 


Check Out What People Are Saying About Us

Marly Knapp

Royal Imaging provides excellent service. I met a couple of times with Bill in Dallas to determine the best route for our medical files. He was able to get us an excellent rate and provided us with a very quick turn around on our project. The imaging was very clean and easy to access once the files were digitized. I would highly recommend this service if you are looking to digitize old files or documents.

Linda Sartini

We've used Royal Imaging on several occasions to digitize the local paper of record. Bill was extremely helpful and easy to work with. The job was completed in a timely fashion and we are look forward to working with them again on our next project.

David Hakimfar

I used Royal Imaging services and, I must say, I was 100% satisfied. The staff was friendly and on top the document services I needed, which was NOT easy to say the least. Thank you Royal Imaging.

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