Advanced Accounting,  Automated

An accounting platform that helps professional accountants automate mundane tasks to focus on what really matters: customers

Strong Productivity Gains With Minimum Pain

Eleven allows your CPA firm to increase work capacity and efficiency through the power of automation and collaboration. We deliver this benefit through several key features:


Powerful Features As Always

Magic Filling

Eleven is cloud based which means you and your client can upload documents from anywhere! Documents are stored online and automatically filed in a dedicate file cabinet by company.

Automated Data Extraction

Data will be extracted automatically from uploaded invoices and receipts, with 99.9% accuracy.

Create Entries With A Click

Create entries from the digitized information with just a click!


Simply generate journal entries from magic document or import transactions to use the accounting functions on Eleven

Magic Document & Collaboration

Magic Document can integrate with their existing tools to bring automation and strong productivity gains with collaboration tools.

Self-Service Intelligent Business Reporting

Import / Export functionalities allow users to quickly get transactions into Eleven to leverage on the Eleven reporting tool to generate reports, queries and analyses.


Automation Through AI & Machine Learning

Eleven eliminates repetitive and manual task with the automation of creating transactions from documents so you can focus on controlling the transactions and delivering high value tasks (advisory, creation of customised dashboards, reports, etc).

Eleven is also built to integrate with other applications (sales, procurement, inventory, e-commerce, payroll, time entry, banking) to leverage on Eleven’s automated accounting. You can import large batch of transactions or direct connection through API.

Collaboration With Your Clients

Eleven enables firms and clients to have real time collaboration, allowing immediate response to questions and exchange of data and documents with speed and efficiency.

Clients can access their cloud-based accounting software any time to automatically input data or upload documents such as receipts, invoices, or bank statements. Accountants can simultaneously review data extracted from uploaded documents to comment or correct auto-populated journal entries with the built-in collaboration tool.


Beautiful Accounting
With Powerful Functionality

Documents can be uploaded in batch to have data extracted and automatically sorted by journals and fiscal year. Even with manual transactions, there are templates for journal and analytical entries that allow you to save precious time.

Eleven makes bank reconciliation simple and intuitive for all users. Bank reconciliation is also part of the automated process, so you can leave comments for clients and request missing supporting documents when required with the built-in collaboration tool.




Say Goodbye To Manual Data Entry With Magic Document

Machine learning-powered document data extraction for receipts, invoices, and bills with 99% accuracy. Source documents get sorted and remain accessible forever via Eleven’s built-in audit trail. You can assign access rights to documents and create specific approval workflows.



Check Out What People Are Saying About Us

Marly Knapp

Royal Imaging provides excellent service. I met a couple of times with Bill in Dallas to determine the best route for our medical files. He was able to get us an excellent rate and provided us with a very quick turn around on our project. The imaging was very clean and easy to access once the files were digitized. I would highly recommend this service if you are looking to digitize old files or documents.

Linda Sartini

We've used Royal Imaging on several occasions to digitize the local paper of record. Bill was extremely helpful and easy to work with. The job was completed in a timely fashion and we are look forward to working with them again on our next project.

David Hakimfar

I used Royal Imaging services and, I must say, I was 100% satisfied. The staff was friendly and on top the document services I needed, which was NOT easy to say the least. Thank you Royal Imaging.

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